Computational Medicine and Informatics Collaboratory

The Computational Medicine and INformatics (COM-IN; pronounced as “common”) Collaboratory is focused on transforming neurologic and cardiovascular care and health through engineering-driven and integrative research as well as training next-generation scientists, engineers, clinicians, and leaders through personalized mentorship and true multidisciplinary immersion.

Research and Training Areas:

  • Biomedical Data Science and Informatics | Healthcare Systems Engineering
  • Mobile Health (mHealth) Applications | Telemedicine
  • Translational Engineering and Computing Applications in Acute and Critical Care Settings
  • Current Patient Population of Interest: Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Secondary Populations of Interest: Mental Health, Neurodegenerative diseases

Our specific areas of interest include applied clinical informatics, continuous physiologic and neuromonitoring, advanced computational techniques and intelligent systems for neurocritical care. 

Additionally, we are also involved in research in the following areas:

  • STEM Integration | Computational Thinking | Humanities in Engineering
  • Ethical Decision-Making and Professional Formation in Engineering

Are you interested in joining the COM-IN Collaboratory?

Please see list of open positions and opportunities here

COM-IN Collaboratory Director: 

Vignesh Subbian, PhD
Assistant Professor | College of Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Systems & Industrial Engineering
Member, BIO5 Institute
The University of Arizona