Open Positions

The COM-IN Collaboratory has few open positions for the 2022-23 academic year. To apply, please send your Resume/CV to

Graduate Student Investigators (Theme: Engineering & Applied Sciences)

PhD students in one of the following programs are highly encouraged to apply for this position: Engineering (BME, ECE, SIE), Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, or Biostatistics. In addition to a primary mentor, the candidate will have an expert committee of advisors, an individual development plan, and access to clinical or field rotations.

Graduate Student Investigators (Theme: Life Sciences and Medicine)

This position is designed for PhD and MS students with medical, social, or life sciences background and interested in contributing to translational or applied work. Students from one of the following programs are welcome to apply: clinical translational sciences, epidemiology, or bioethics.

BME Graduate Program Research Rotation:

Students in the BME Graduate Program are welcome to apply for mentored rotations. Typical rotations are 6 to 8 weeks.

Masters Research Interns:

Research projects (for both thesis and non-thesis/project options) are available for MS students in Engineering (BME, SIE, ECE) and Computer Science programs.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REUs):

REU positions are open to all undergraduates with interest in biomedical/healthcare applications or computing. A research experience program will be developed based on the candidate’s background, interests, and availability.